Our Clinic

Serving the Need

Millions of people in America lack the blessing of primary health care. They are either uninsured, underinsured, or simply do not have access to quality healthcare. The Hope Clinic & Care Center was designed with a vision and purpose to help fill the medical gaps we find in our community by providing completely free care to those that need it most.

Hope That's Free!

Hope Clinic & Care Center offers FREE general physical exams, primary care, medication assistance, laboratory services and consultations.

Compassion Experts

Our team is committed to your total health. We offer long appointment times, where our team will take the time to get to know you, understand your medical conditions, and your life stressors. Our caring nurses and physicians will help you eliminate barriers to your wellness, and assist you however we can, at every visit.

In addition to your basic medical care we offer basic access in our clinic to:

  • Specialists
  • Physical Therapy
  • Recovery Coaching
  • Mental Health Counseling

We strive to avoid duplication of quality services in our community. There may be times that we will refer you to another provider or agency, depending on your needs.


Tuesdays • 9am - 5pm
Wednesdays • 9am - 7pm