Saving Lives

A female patient came into the clinic with complaint of difficulty breathing, left calf pain and a fast heart rate.  During examination and how she presented, Hope Clinic’s Dr. Andy Pfaffenbach clearly expected probable Pulmonary Embolisms which if not treated aggressively and immediately could cause death.

He sent her to Appleton Medical Center Emergency Department where she was definitively diagnosed and treated. At Hope Clinic we never know what will present through our doors. Sadly, many patients wait until their illness or condition is worsened to a point that puts them in grave danger. This patient had a high probability of dying in her bed at home with-in a day or two, alone.

Fortunately, she was able to get the care and direction she needed. Her intense feelings of anxiousness and feeling that things just were not right that morning led her to get the care she desperately needed. Had this patient not sought out care and, had a very attentive provider who recognized her symptoms, a very different picture would have been painted.

The patient sent this email to our Clinic:  I was seen today, and I wanted to say thank you for taking my issues that I came in for as well as ones I hadn’t seriously. The doctor sent me to the ER suspecting I have blood clots in my lungs. I just got home. He was right. I’m taking the medication prescribed, and trying to quit smoking. I don’t think I have ever gotten such good care anywhere before. Thank you so much.

-Jim, Clinic Manager